SolarWall® systems use solar energy to heat ventilation air, save money, and provide clean carbon-free heating to beautiful & energy-savvy buildings around the world.

Conserval is the company that developed and commercialized Solar Air Heating for the commercial and industrial sector. The technology we invented, known as “SolarWall”, has been honored by the United States Department of Energy, Natural Resources Canada, and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers as being one of the best energy inventions.

SolarWall® systems are custom-designed for each project to complement the building design and integrate seamlessly with the heating & ventilation systems. We have helped thousands of clients in 40+ countries achieve their climate change goals and reduce their carbon footprint. Whether the goal is Net-Zero, Carbon-Zero or LEED® certification, or an upgrade to an exterior wall, the SolarWall® solar powered heater can help.

Savings on heating fuel consumption

GHG emissions reductions

Over 30+ years of project experience

Designed for energy and aesthetic objectives

Projects in 40+ countries

Highly acclaimed renewable technology


worldwide installed system


annual greenhouse gas emission reduction


worldwide installed system


product life


increase above ambient temperature