Electricity production from the sun is a field where innovation and development activities proceed inten-sively. In that field, works for increasing productivity, utilization of photovoltaic waste heat and decreasing cost, have accelerated in recent years. For this purpose, our company and Trakya University are conducting R & D activities in cooperation. A new product was developed as a continuation of the Solar Updraft Tower application, which was previously installed by our company, and the prototype application was completed on the campus of Trakya University Faculty of Engineering.

Hybrid Energy Tower (HET)

Hybrid energy tower is a brand new system where two different energy tower systems are combined in a single structure which they are actually operated as updraft and downdraft in normal. Hybrid energy tower system which has national and intemational patent protec- tions, provıdes significant decreasing compar-ing to classical energy tower in terms of sizes of the system as well as providing increase in terms of productivity by using downdraft and updraft mecha-nisms together. Basic elements taking place in Hybrid energy tower are as follows:
Updraft chimney
Downdraft chimney
Vertical turbine group
Wind bucket
With the integration of the systems in harmony with each other, the HET system takes the power of the wind and the sun behind and produces more power compared to other renewable energy systems while offering the opportunity of working 24/7.