NightSolar 7/24 Solar Energy

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The patented NightSolar® systems remove energy from the air to cool buildings without the use of compressors or refrigeration systems.

This solar cooling technology is partly based on the scientific princıple of noctumal radiation, which can cool a roof by as much as 10°C (18°F) below ambient tempera-ture on a clear night. As warm night air touches the cooler surface of the NightSolar® system, it transfers its heat to the surface. The chilled air is then drawn in through perforations in the collector and enters the HVAC uı-ıit via an economizer cycle. This cooling has the ability to reduce or even displace conventional air conditioning from sunset to sunrise. With passive cooling that is made during night, an important decrease is obtained for cooling bad of facility. During the daytime, the NightSolar® system keeps the roof in the dark and thereby reduces daytime heat gaiı-ıs normally received through the roof.

Recent field monitored NightSolar® installations are reporting as much as a 50% overall cooling savings on buildings using existıng fans and economizers.

Features &Advantages
• It provides benefit from 7/24 solar system.
• It provides contribution for cooling in summer rnonths and heating in winter months.
• It absorbs almost all solar energy on roof.
• It removes a big problem by preventing expanding on roof based on heating
• It can make customizable PV integration.
• It is suitable for collecting rain water.
• It expands roof life.