Why Solarwall


Renewable energy system approved by independents sources in terms of its nature. (It was proved with Retscreen software prepared in partnership of NASA and Canada Ministry of Natural Sources)

It is economical
• The most efficient solar thermal panel
• Shortest Return on lnvestment period
• 80% collector efficiency
• Protection of the facade from external factors
• Structure that reduces heat loss and increases building insulation
• Destratification savings for industrial buildings
• Long life and maintenance free panels
• 10 years product warranty
• Free heating and ventilation for the life of the building

Architectural Design and Aesthetic
• Applicability to all types of building
• Application and color options being combined wıt architectural design of structure

Environmentallst Technology
• CO2 emission decrease
• Irrıproved building indoor air quality
• High score contribution for Green building certificat and energy identity certificate
• LEED contribution up to 20 points (1 ton of decrease hı CO2 release in each 5 n72)
• Recyclable rrıaterial at the end of its economic life (40+ years)