Solar Air Heater


SolarWall® Systems are under guarantee against workmanship and production errors for 10 years.

SolarWall Technology:
• Provides fuel saving up to 95%
• Makes important contribution to LEED, BREEAM, EKB certificates
• lncreases intemal air quality
• Decreases carbon emission
• Has +40 years of life
• Does not require maintenance
• Has low payback period

SolarWall® Systems heat the ventilation or process air required in commercial and industrial buıldings. They are building Integrated and are very architecturally versatile. They can be styled, shaped, and designed in a variety of colors to augment the building envelope & generate on-site energy.

SolarWall® Systems require no maintenance and gener-ate huge amounts of thermal energy over their 40+ year lifespan, making it a superstar technology in terms of its proven economic & environmental impact.

The SolarWall® technology has been used globally for over 30+ years. Clients include: Ford, TOFAŞ, TAI, Toyota, Marks & Spencer, Johnson Controls, FedEx, NASA, U.S. Military.