SolarDuct Modular Roof-Top Solar Air Heater


SolarDuct® Systems are applied by placing on roofs with optimum angles and thanks to this, maximum benefit is provided from solar energy.

SolarDuct® is based on the highly efficient and award-winning SolarWall® system. The technology has been specifically engineered for roof settings and for applications in which a traditional wall-mounted system is not feasible.

Like the original SolarWall® technology, the SolarDuct® technology heats ventilation air before it enters the air handling units, which reduces the on-site heating load. SolarDuct® is suitable for all roofs with its modular structure.

Features & Advantages
• Displaces the traditional heating load, and targets one of the largest usages of building energy.
• High efficiency SolarDuct® modules heat vei-ıtilation air to improve indoor air quality.
• Modular units simplify connections to HVAC units
• Compelling ROI
• Substantial CO2 displacement.
• By using together with PV, it provides possibility to produce both thermal energy and electricity energy.