PV/T Solar Air Heating & Electricity


Double Power of the Sun

SolarWall® PV/T cogeneration system produces both heated air & electricity. It combines the high-efficiency SolarWall® air heating technology with photovoltaics to create a total energy solution with a payback period that is substantially less than a typical PV installation.

A PV/T system will generate 200-300 % more energy (in the form of heat and electricity) than a standalone PV system. This helps to reduce operating costs and maximize CO2 displacement.

Features & Advantages:
• Accelerates the ROl of the PV system.
• Cools the PV cells to reduce heat-related efficiency drop. Provides up to 15% performance increase.
• Increases the life of the PV panels.
• Captures the Waste thermal energy of the PV panels for ventilation or process heating.
• PV/T system has a total efticiency above 50%.
• Maximizes usable roof space.
• Huge reduction in CO2 emissions.