SolarWall 2-Stage High Performance Solar Air Heater


High Performance Solar Air Heater

SolarWall 2-Stage® is the latest version of the SolarWall® technology and it builds on the techno-logical success of the original solar air heating system.

It operates on the same premise as the original SolarWall® technology in that outside air is heated and drawn into an air cavity via tiny mirco-perforations in the SolarWall® collector. With the 2-Stage system, the air is then heated a second time (which boosts the temperature rise) as it passes though a second stage of the system. It is also ideally suited for roof-mount projects and windy locations. [And as the wind speed increases, the energy output of the 2-stage system will continue to increase relative to the conventional SolarWall® system.]

Features & Advantages
• Delivers significantly more thermal energy (up to 50% more) than a conventional low-flow SolarWall® system.
• Maintenance free.
• Up to 20+ LEED® Points.
• Destratification savings for industnal buildings.
• Building Integrated.
• Heats fresh air and improves indoor air quality.